Chapter Wise Important Questions of Chapter 2 polynomial of Class 10 Maths

Chapter Wise Previous Year Important Questions for Class 10 Maths of  Chapter 2 Polynomials which will help you to Score better Marks.This consists of all types of Questions 1 Mark , 2 Marks , 3 Marks and All  so 5 Marks.



1. Find the zeroes of the following polynomial by factorisation method and verify the
relations between the zeroes and their coefficients:




CBSE 2011

2. It is given that 1 is one of the zeroes of the polynomial    . Find its other zeroes.

CBSE 2011

3.  p(x) =      , having two of its   zeros as - 3 and - 4 .

CBSE 2016 

4. Find the quadratic polynomial, whose zeros are in the ratio 2:3 and their sum is 15.

CBSE 2012

5. Given that,     is a factor of f(x) =    . Find the
values of a and b.

CBSE 2012

6. Find other zeroes of the polynomial  , if it is given that two of its

zeroes are    and      respectively.

CBSE 2011

7. the polynomial    is divided  by another polynomial

, the remainder  comes out to be x + a, then  find  k and  a.

CBSE 2015

8 . If the polynomial      is divided by another polynomial

   , the  remainder comes out to be ax + b, then find the  values of a and b.

CBSE 2015,12,09

9. If zeroes      and      of a polynomial    are such that     , then find the value of k.

CBSE 2015

10. If     and       are the zeroes of the polynomial   , then find the value of


CBSE 2010

11.  If    and       are zeroes of a  quadratic polynomial , then form a quadratic
polynomial whose zeroes are      and  .

CBSE 2016

12. If (x + a) is a factor of          , find a.

CBSE 2008


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