Carbon and its Compounds Important Questions of Class 10 Science

Important Questions for Class 10 Science Chapter 4 Carbon and its Compounds  will help you to Score better Marks.This consists of all types of Questions 1 Mark , 2 Marks , 3 Marks and All  so 5 Marks.

Question1.(a) Give a chemical test to distinguish between saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons.
(b) (i) Name the products formed when ethanol bums in air.
(i) What two forms of energy are liberated on burning alcohol?
(C) Why is the reaction between methane and chlorine considered a substitution

Question. 2 Write the name and molecular formula of an organic compound having its name suffixed  with 'ol and having two carbon atoms in the molecule. With the help of a
balanced chemical equation indicate what happens when it is heated with excess of 
conc. H2SO4.


Question. 3 What is a homologous series? Which two of the following organic compounds belong to the same homologous?
CH3,C2H6 C2H60, C2H602 CH4O

Question.4 Name the functional group of organic compounds that can be hydrogenated. With the help of suitable example explain the process of hydrogenation mentioning the conditions of the reaction and any one change in physical property with the formation of the product. Name any one natural source of organic compounds that are hydrogenated.

Question.5 An organic compound 'A' is an essential constituent of wine and beer. Oxidation of 'A' yields an organic acid B' which is present in vinegar. Name the compounds 'A' and B' and write their structural formula. What happens when 'A' and B' react in the presence of an acid catalyst? Write the chemical equation for the reaction.

Question.6 What is ethanol? State its two properties. What happens when it is heated with excess of cone. H2SO3 at 443 K? What role does cone. H2SO4 play in this reaction? Write chemical equation of the reaction involved and the structural formula of the main product formed.

Question.7 How many covalent bonds are there in a molecule of ethane (C2H6)?

Question.8 Write the electron dot structure of ethene molecule (C2H4).

Question.9 Write chemical equations for what happens when
(i) sodium metal added to ethanoic acid.
(ii) solid sodium carbonate is added to ethanoic acid.
(iii) ethanoic acid reacts with a dilute solution.

Question.10 (a) State two properties of carbon which lead to a very large number of carbon
(b) Why does micelle formation take place when soap is added to water? Why are micelles not formed when soap is added to ethanol?

Question.11 What is the difference between the chemical composition of soaps and detergents? State in brief the action of soaps in removing an oily spot from a shirt. Why are soaps not considered suitable for washing where water is hard?

Question.12 List in tabular form three physical and two chemical properties on the basis of which ethanol and ethanoic acid can be differentiated?