3 Marks Questions of class 10 Board

1.The largest possible sphere is cut out from a wooden solid cube of side 7 cm. Find the volume of the wood left.

2.The radii of the circular ends of a frustum of cone of height 6 cm are 14 cm and 6cm respectively. Find the lateral surface area and total surface area of the frustum.

3.A bag contains cards numbered 1 to 49. Find the probability that the number on the drawn card is
(i) an odd number
(ii) a multiple of 5
(iii) Even prime.

4.A Right circular cone of radius 3 cm, has a curved surface area 47.1 cm .Find the volume of the cone.

5.Find the HCF of 180, 252 and 324 by Euclid's Division algorithm.

6.Find the sum of first seventeen terms of A.P whose 4th and 9th terms are 15 and -30 respectively.

7.In a single throw of a pair of different dice, what is the probability of getting.
(i) a prime number on eachdice? 
(ii) a total of 9 or 11?

8.AB is a chord of circle with centre O. At B, a tangent PB is drawn such that its length is 24 cm. The distance of P from the centre is 26 cm. If the chord AB is 16 cm, and its distance from the centre.

9.There bells toll at intervals of 9,12,15 minutes respectively .If they start tolling together,after what time will they next toll together?

10.The pth , qth and rth terms of an A.P. are a,b and c respectively . Show that a(q-r)+b(r-p)+c(p-q) = 0


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