Q1. Which of the following will have a terminating decimal expansion?    

      (a) 77                                                                     



      (d) 23

Q2.  The value of the polynomial x8 x5 + x2 x + 1 is   
         (a)  positive for all the real numbers                 
      (b) negative for all the real numbers
      (c)  0                                                              
      (d) depends on value of x

Q3.  A motor boat takes 2 hours to travel a distance 9 km. down the current and it takes 6 
hours to travel the same distance   against the current. The speed of the boat in still 
water and that of the current (in km/hour) respectively are       

    (a)  3, 1.5                 

    (b)   3, 
    (c)  3.5, 2.5      
    (d)   3, 1

Q4.  One of the two students, while solving a quadratic equation in x , copied the 
constant  term incorrectly and got the roots 3 and 2. The other copied the constant term 
and  coefficient of x2 correctly as − 6 and 1 respectively. The correct roots are 

   (a)3, − 2                                               
   (b) 3, 2  .
   (d) 6, − 1

Q5. Five distinct positive integers are in a arithmetic progression with a positive common 
  difference. If their sum is 10020, then the smallest possible value of the last term is                                                                                                                                 
   (a)  2002                                                               
   (b)  2004
   (c)  2006                                                               
   (d)  2007

Q6.   If x sin3θ + y cos3θ = sin θ cos θ and x sin θ = y cos θ , than x2 + y2 is equal  to                                                                       
   (a)  0                                                                  
   (b) 1/2
   (c)  1                                                                  
   (d) 3/2

Q7.  If the perimeter of one face of a cube is 20 cm, then its surface  areais                                                                                    
   (a)  120 cm2                                                         
   (b)  150 cm
   (c)  125 cm2                                                          
   (d)   400 cm2

Q8  The median of a set of 9 distinct observations is 20.5. If each of the largest 4 
observation of  the set is increased by 2, then the median of the new  set        
    (a)  Is increased by 2
   (b)  Is decreased by 2
      (c)  Is two times the original median
      (d)  Remains the same as that of the original set

Q10.  Two coins are tossed simultaneously. The probability of getting at most one head is                                                             
   (a) 1                                                               

   (b) 1

   (c ) 3

   (d) 1      

Q 11.       If the common difference of an AP is 5, then what is    a18 a13?                                                             
(a) 5                                  
(b) 20
(c) 25                                
(d) 30

Q12.  A sector is cut from a circular sheet of radius 100 cm, the angle of the sector being 240. If another circle of the area same as the sector is formed, then radius of the new circle is                                                        
(a) 79.5 cm                        
(b) 81.5 cm
(c) 83.4 cm                        
(d) 88.5 cm

Q13..A bag contains 3 red and 2 blue marbles. If a marble is drawn at random, then the probability of drawing a blue marble is:

(a)  1                                  (b) 2
              5                                        5

(c)  3                                  (d) 4
            5                                        5

Q14  If one root of the quadratic equation  ax2 + bx + c = 0  is the reciprocal of the other, then

(a)   b = c                               
(b) ac = 1
(c) a = b                                 
(d) a = c

Q15  A slab of ice 8 inches in length, 11 inches in breadth, and 2 inches thick was melted and 

re-solidified in the  form of a rod of 8 inches diameter. The length of such  a rod, in inches, is 

nearest to                                

       (a) 3   

      (b) 3.5
 (c) 4                                 
 (d) 4.5

Q16.  If the difference of mode and median of a data is 24,then the difference of median and  mean is                          
  (a) 12                                 
  (b) 2
  (c) 08                                
  (d) 36 

Q17. Two positive numbers have their HCF as 12 and their product as 6336. The number of pairs possible for the numbers, is                                                             
(a) 2                                   
(b) 3
(c) 4                                  
 (d) 5

Q18. The 2 digit number which becomes (5/6)th of itself when its digits are reversed. The difference in the digits of the number being 1, then the two digits number is     
(a) 45                                 
(b) 54
(c) 36                               
(d) None of these

Q19.  The area of a circular ring formed by two concentric circles whose radii are 5.7 cm and 4.3 cm respectively is (Take π = 3.1416)  
(a) 43.98 sq. cm.                
(b) 53.67 sq. cm. 
(c) 47.24 sq. cm.                 
(d) 38.54 sq. cm.

Q20. The value of x, for which the polynomials x2 1 and x2 2x + 1 vanish simultaneously, is         
 (a) 2                                 
 (d) 1

Q21. The base radii of a cone and a cylinder are equal. If their curved surface areas are also equal, then the ratio of the slant height of the cone to the height of   the   cylinder is                                                          
(a)  2 : 1                             
(b) 1 : 2
(c)  1 : 3                             
(d) 3 : 1

Q22.      For finding the popular size of ready-made garments, which central tendency is used?       
(a)   Mean
(b)   Median
(c)   Mode
(d)Both Mean and Mode

Q23   X ’s salary is half that of Y ’s. If X got a 50% rise in his salary and Y got 25% rise in his 
salary, then the percentage increase in combined salaries of both is 

  (a) 30                                
       (b)33   1 

 (c) 37                               
 (d) 75