Chapter Wise Important Questions of Chapter 11 | Human Eye and The Colorful World | Class 10 | Science

 This are Chapter Wise Important Questions of  Chapter 11  Human Eye and The Colorful World of Class 10 Science.

 Top 15 Important Questions.

1.(a) Explain the following terms used in relation to defects of vision and corrections provided for
(i) Myopia
(ii) Astigmatism
(ii) Bifocal lens
(iv) Farsightedness

(b) Describe with a ray diagram how a person with myopia can be helped by spectacles

2. (a)A student is unable to see clearly the words written on the blackboard placed at a distance of
approximately 3 m from him. Name the defect of vision the boy is suffering from. State the possible
causes of this defect and explain the method of correcting it.
(b) Why do stars twinkle? Explain.

3.Account for the following:
a. Part of the human eye that helps in changing the  focal length of the eye lens.
b. The condition resulting due to the eye lens becoming cloudy.
c. The factors on which colour of the scattered white  light depends.
d. The range of vision of a normal eye.
e. The sky appears dark to the astronauts in the space.

4.What is meant by scattering of light? Mention the factor on which it depends. Explain why the colour of the clear sky is blue? An Astronaut in space finds sky  to be dark. Explain reason for this observation.

5. Draw a neat labelled diagram of the structure of the human eye and mention the functions of any four  parts

6. A person cannot the object distinctly, when placed beyond 2 m.
a. Identify the eye defect.
b. Give two reasons  for this defect.
c. Calculate the power and nature of the lens he  should be using to see the  distant object clearly
d. Draw the ray diagrams for the defective and the corrected eye.

7..What is meant by least distance of distinct vision? How does this vary between the very young and old people?

8. Define the dispersion of white light and name the colours of white light in order

9. Explain why do stars twinkle and planets do not?

10. Why do we observe the seven colours when white light passes through a glass prism? Which component of  white light deviates the least?

11. Why does the sky appear blue? How would the sky appear in the absence of the earth's atmosphere?

12.(a) What is power of accommodation of the eye!
(b) What happens to the image distance when the object being viewed is move away from the eye?

13.Draw net diagram to show the refraction of light ray through a glass prism and label on it angle of  incidence amd angle of deviation.

14.(a).Explain why sun looks reddish at the time of sunrise and sunset
(b)Name the phenomena involved in formation of rainbow?

15. Explain the formation of the rainbow in sky?

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