1 Marks Questions for class 10 board exam

1.Find the distance of the point (-4,-7) from the y axis

2.If triangle ABC is similar to triangle PQR  such Thant 2AB=PQ and BC=8cm,then find QR.

3.If A and B are acute angles and sinA = cosB , then find the value of A+B.

4.If  the common difference of an AP  is 5 , and first term is 8 ,then find fifth term.

5.If the sum of first 20 odd natural number.

6.If the distance between the points (4,y) and (1,0) is 5 , find the value of y 

7.In  a family of  2 children,find probability of having at least one boy.

8.In two triangles ABC and PQR ,AB/QR = BC/PR = CA/PQ then : 
(a) triangle (PQR ~ CAB)
(b) triangle (PQR ~ ABC)
(c) triangle (CBA ~ PQR)
(d) triangle (BCA ~ PQR)

8.A number is selected at random from 1 to 30. Find the probability that it is a prime number.

9.In the given figure, PQ and PR are tangents to the circle with centre O such that QPR = 50°, then find angle OQR
10.Find the volume of the largest right circular cone that can be cut off from a cube of edge 4.2 cm.

11.Find the median of the data, using an empirical relation when it is given that Mode = 12.4 and Mean= 10.5.

12. A letter of English alphabet is chosen at random. Determine the probability that the chosen letter is a consonant.


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